“When I saw Tina’s post on Facebook about joining her Team Beach Body group, I figured that I would give it a try.  I already had tried P90X before my wedding, but as soon as I was married I pretty much quit working out.  I was always so unmotivated to workout, so the DVDs sat in my basement for the last two years.  When I joined the group, I never would have imagined that 3 months would fly by and I would be excited to join another group that she was coaching.  With her guidance and support, I managed to work out the last three months, only missing minimal workouts, and achieved almost all of my goals that I set for myself.  Tina was extremely motivating and was always available to answer questions or provide workout suggestions.  I know that I was successful because Tina was my coach!”


“I am not sure if any of you have tried the 3 day Shakeology reset, but I just finished and thought that I would share my results if you were thinking about doing it. I lost 6 pounds in 3 days, and although I thought I was going to be really hungry, I wasn’t. When I felt a little bit hungry, I just drank a few glasses of water. I did have a little bit of reduced energy, so I had to change up my P90 routine and I saved the plyo and kempo for the end of the week, however I did do arms/legs and I walked at least 3 miles each day. I did this now because we just came off of the March 12th challenge and I was at a plateau with my weight, so this definitely helped me get over my hump! I would definitely recommend it if you are thinking about trying it!!!!”



“After having my first baby, I thought I was doomed forever with being unhappy with my new body. I had pretty much given up trying to lose the baby weight when it just stopped coming off. Then Tina inspired me to get on track and take control of my health. With a mixture of healthy eating, Turbofire, Shakeology and Tina’s challenge group I lost those lingering baby pounds! Having Tina’s guidance and the motivation of the group I made it through the 90 day challenge and feel so much more confident and happy with my body. I have truly made a lifestyle change with my diet and have so much more knowledge of how to feed my body right. Thank you Tina for inspiring me and motivating me every step of the way!”


heather curchoe

“I feel fantastic after the turbofire Chalene! I’ve never worked so hard in my entire life! I got myself on a really good schedule every day so it just became part of my routine every day.. Something I didn’t think twice about doing! I haven’t been in this shape in so long and honestly thought was out of reach!!! I couldnt be happier about how I look in a swimsuit and my wedding dress!!!! I’m ready to take it to the next level in August and go for even more results! Thank goodness for beach body it has changed my outlook on myself and got me on a healthy lifestyle again! I would recommend it to all my friends and family!”


tara g

“I just finished a 90 day fitness Challenge Tina put together. Tina and bechbody helped me change my LIFE! Tina was there every step of the way to answer questions and give tips! She is an AWESOME Coach! I cant THANK her enough for helping me! She saved my LIFE! Can’t wait to do the next challenge with her. ”


Nicole 3 nicole 2

“Three months ago when I looked in the mirror I was disgusted with myself, but that didnt stop me from eating a cheesesteak or a whole bag of Middleswarth BBQ chips. It was swimsuit season and Id be covered up in a tankini and a sundress admiring the girls walking around confidentally in a skimpy bikini. I use to be one of them. In high school and even in college I never had to worry about weight; but now at 27 I can see where my food is going immediately (at least it feels immediate). Yes I worked out in the past; I had gym memberships and I went on 2 day diets- but when I didnt see a change quick enough I said screw this and grabbed the closest dessert. I finally message Tina Bigelow after seeing her transformation in person. She had a child- if she could do it so could I, right? So I signed up for July 9ths Bombshell Challenge. I was nervous/excited when I signed up. It was not cheap and I did not want to just throw my money away however I was not confident in myself to carry out this program and see my own transformation. But I tried it anyway. I promised myself that I would give 110%. I would stop my partying and start eating healthy. I was going to do this and I was going to succeed. It was not easy- not going to lie for the first 30 days I gave up my social life. I did not want to tempt myself by being around unhealthy foods and/or alcoholic drinks. But it was well worth it on my 30 day weigh in day I was unsure what to expect but I lost 13.5 lbs. Holy crap!!! I was so excited and it just gave me the determination to continue and succeed for the whole 90 day program. The next 30 days I was not as hard on myself I allowed myself to have a drink or two at social events and I allowed myself to eat unhealthy at social events but in moderation. But to be honest- I didnt want it. I knew what I felt like after I ate it- and I didnt feel good about myself. I loved working out and missing a day made me feel crappy. I started to love cooking. 30 days later I lost another 5 lbs. I realized this wasnt just a 90 day program anymore- this was my new lifestyle. I enjoyed it and enjoyed helping others when they asked- hey how are you doing it- you look great. I loved telling my story and helping people learn how easy it is to commit and succeed. This program takes work- but its well worth it- and it will change your life.”


ashley bentley

“This challenge has helped me to face the issues that have caused me to emotional eat. Tina is a great coach, she challenges you to keep your commitment to yourself . Beachbody products are amazing. This was definitely the best program I’ve tried so far b/c the work outs travel with you.”


I am soo happy that I have joined Tina’s team beachbody challenge!! I feel more confident, have been eating healthier, have more energy and even more I have lost weight and the lack of energy I used to have before I joined this team. I had a lot of questions and Tina has always made sure she answered them all and has given me inspiration to make this a part of my life….forever!! And to join for another challenge!!! Thank u Tina. I appreciate all the help and confidence you have provided me with. You truly r a great coach!!


This group has made it possible for me to accomplish fitness goals I never would have been able to on my own. Without Tina’s encouragement I would have given up after my first work out! Now I’m down 23lbs and 8 sizes. I am forever grateful for how my life has been changed for the better!

steph danley

When I first begin this challenge I was so excited, but nervous I wouldn’t get anywhere! But let me tell you, this challenge was amazing! I learned to eat right & get my exercise in… So far I’m down 10 pounds & 19″ … Beach body workouts are the way to go!!! I cannot wait to continue my journey & reach my goal!


This challenge has changed my life style with eating habits. Before I had no control over what I ate and would eat whatever I wanted. Now, I thrive to eat clean and I enjoy what I eat! I’ve learned a new healthy lifestyle that has not only affected me, but my fiancé too. I can’t wait to continue this new life style and continue to see results, and to start another challenge to further push myself to dig deeper!!

I find tinas commitment, knowledge and dedication to beachbody and health and fitness outstanding. Tina puts a lot of hard work into the program and has motivated a lot of people. You can tell she enjoys her hard work and helping others improve their own lives. Keep up the good work tina and the help and advice you give to others. You inspire many!!! Thank you…..

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