FitssentialLiving.com was created to be an excellent resource to help others live a healthy, well- balanced life!  My passion has always been helping others and I have devoted so much of my time and energy into getting myself FIT in all areas of life, I figured I would share what I am learning.  I am STILL figuring it all out and there truly are many obstacles we face in life, but it’s how we HANDLE those obstacles that will set us apart from all the others.  On my site you will find health tips, effective fitness advice, time management tools, organizational tools, words of wisdom, and healthy recipes.  When most of us think about “getting fit” we think that means losing weight and toning up- working on our bodies physically.  That is NOT the only way to get FIT!  I approach getting FIT from a more holistic viewpoint.  We all want to be happy and I feel that improving ALL the dimensions of life- health, emotional well-being, relationships, finances, etc. will help us feel we are living a Healthy, BALANCED life where we can devote time to ALL our priorities and NOT NEGLECT any of them!   Thank you so much for visiting my page!!!   You can also find me on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/TinaFitnessCoach

A little about me personally

I am a mom of a little boy who is 2 and I have another little one on the way. I am a wife, speech-language pathologist, and tree & plant nursery owner.  I have always considered myself a little bit of a “scatter brain” because I am always coming up with new ideas and running with them.  I always attempt to juggle “too much”, but somehow I make it work.  I have determined my priorities in life and find great satisfaction being able to divvy up my time and energy among all my priorities.  Being a mom and wife and working full time is time and energy consuming to say the least and it is difficult to make the time for yourself that you so desperately need to stay healthy for your family and loved ones. I am here to provide guidance and support.  I want you too to find the balance and feel great about yourself, your accomplishments and living a healthy lifestyle for your families.


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