Love Yourself

Social media can be a great tool to utilize for weight loss support, accountability, and motivation, but it can also do a number on your self-esteem. For instance, even though they are intended to inspire and motivate, all those images of fit and healthy looking women on Facebook and Instagram have the potential to have the opposite effect and damage your sense of self.

Comparing ourselves to others is something we innately tend to do, but keep at the forefront of your mind that what you are viewing on your newsfeed should not always be taken at face value. You see, we catch ourselves comparing our “behind the scenes” and “starting events” with someone else’s “highlight reel” or “grand finale”.

THERE’S HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO. (and it’s SUPER important to always keep this in mind).


Remember, what people present to the outside world is often just an edited version of their reality. So stop comparing your worst moments to someone else’s best. Stop fighting a losing battle. Comparing yourself to other women is a battle you will always lose. Sure, admire certain positive qualities of others, but don’t focus all your energy on trying to BE that person. Be aware that the person you are looking at has completely different circumstances than you. That should not turn into an excuse, but it should be considered.

Rather, focus all that energy in becoming the very best version of YOURSELF. When you catch yourself in the beginning stages of the “comparing yourself to others” cycle, STOP & REDIRECT your attention to YOUR goals and what YOU need to do to achieve them. REMIND yourself that you are your OWN work in progress and that even if you work your butt off every single day, your body may never look exactly like so and so’s because our bodies are all designed uniquely and that is what makes us so special and BEAUTIFUL.

Instead of looking at transformation pictures and thinking negative, judgmental thoughts, take them as a testimony of a person who also has struggled and finally reached their own personal victory. They are not intending to “flaunt it”, they are intending to give hope to others, to show others that they may have been just like you or even dealt an even crazier deck of cards, and still managed to overcome those obstacles, road blocks and feelings of self- doubt to turn their life around for the “HEALTHIER”.

When feeling like you need a little inspirational weight loss manifesto read this out loud:

“I reject the notion that beauty, desirability, and worthiness are one size fits all. I think happy people are the healthiest people. It’s not enough to just look good on the outside. I want to feel good on the inside, too. I will give my one, precious body the respect it deserves. We’ve been together a long time, and we’ve got miles to go. When my body is strong, I am strong. When my body feels good, I feel good. Where I go, my body goes too. When I take care of my body, it takes care of me.”
(created by Chuck Runyon and Dave Mortenson, founders of Anytime Fitness)

I hope when you scroll through this page you see it for the hope, guidance and inspiration it can provide. My hope is that I can bring to you some simple solutions, some practical, helpful tips and insight to make healthier habits work for you and fit into your life, eventually becoming your adapted lifestyle. Being physically fit and healthy is absolutely important for our well-being, but taking the time to get our mind in check and make sure that we are processing all this stimuli on social media in a positive light is equally as important.

With love,


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