Calories and celery Celery doesn’t just

Calories and celery

Celery doesn’t just belong in soups and stews. Add this water-based veggie to your daily eating habits and save on calories.

Eating celery is great for weight loss. That’s because your body uses more calories digesting celery than it gains from the amount of calories celery contains.

But eating celery, like any other food item, isn’t a magic prescription for losing weight. You need to eat a balanced diet and exercise. Celery is just an added bonus.

{Four ways to enjoy celery}

Eat a couple of boiled eggs and some celery sticks for lunch. The fiber of the celery and protein from the eggs make a great combo that will keep you satisfied until your next meal or mid-afternoon snack.
Snack on celery sticks throughout the day. Pack them in a bag and take them to work. For flavor, dip them in hummus or a little peanut butter.
Make an apple, celery and cucumber juice and enjoy with your breakfast or as a mid-morning snack.
Celery is surprisingly delicious when eaten with fruit. Try it chopped into a fruit salad or with a fruit snack.


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