Happy Friday everyone!!! This morning wh

Happy Friday everyone!!! This morning when you get up I want everyone to check their mind-set. Are you ready to BRING IT! Are you ready to resist temptations this weekend? Are you determined enough to have the discipline? Are you focused enough to complete your workouts even if you have to rearrange some parts of your weekend? Go into this weekend with a POSITIVE mind-set! Tell yourself yes, it’s the weekend, but that means time shouldn’t be an issue if you have off from work. Yes it’s the weekend- that means it’s a great time to try out a new healthy recipe. You want to spend time with friends? Say no to the night out and have a night in. Ask your friends/significant other to work out with you. The people around us are not always on the same page as we are about what it takes to get OUR dream body. You need to be a little selfish here! Let the people around you know how committed you are to bettering yourself. The more people are aware the more they typically try to encourage you. Be wary of people who may try to stray you off course with your diet or with skipping workouts. You guys are doing this for YOU — no one else. For the next 79 days make sure to keep as FOCUSED as possible on this. This new routine and the new habits you are creating are going to benefit you for the rest of your life if you give this your all. I will be here all weekend if you feel you need a little push or you need advice on anything! Feel free to send me your # if you want me to check in with you this weekend personally 🙂 You guys are doing SO awesome! Let’s keep up the momentum and have a great weekend!


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