** There are no hidden secrets that caus

** There are no hidden secrets that cause people to lose dramatic amounts of weight. The results that you will see are because of large amounts of exercise and relearning how to eat only healthy foods. My challenge groups are designed to help you do those two things while I support you through the process. I am here to encourage you, support you and educate you as much as I can in these 90 days. When else are you going to have a coach for 90 days helping you every single day? Sure you can go spend hundreds of dollars at a gym for a personal trainer, but they still don’t offer the holistic approach my challenge group does. I hope you all take in this process. It’s a process of detoxing the body from processed foods and sugars. It is physically, emotionally and mentally demanding. And for most of us, it’s the hardest things we have ever had to do.
I say this all believe it or not, to encourage you. If you are having a difficult time in this journey, it’s a sign that you are on the RIGHT TRACK. If you are pushing yourself outside your comfort zone… GOOD! If you have days where you struggle emotionally… GREAT! This means you are in the middle of the battle instead of watching it from the sidelines.
Nothing worthwhile in life is without struggle. Just ask mamas if the road to childbirth is easy. One can’t imagine (unless you’ve been there) how painful it can be to have a baby, but that same pain produces a miraculous life. Ask the players in the Super Bowl if the road to that game was an easy one. I’m sure they’ll laugh in your face. Ask the presidential candidates if the road to the White House is easy. A year of nonstop travel, speeches, and fund-raising? What do you think?
If you’re finding the road to health difficult, then that just proves great things are on the horizon. Never give up because something is hard. Keep going until you reach your goal, because that is your REWARD. Many people give up right when their breakthrough is about to come. If you think you’ve hit a plateau in your weight, keep eating right. If you can’t see any results in your fitness work, don’t quit. If you don’t think you can get through the next few days, tell yourself otherwise. Don’t give up on your DREAM. You’ve come too far!!!


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