I stumbled upon this and thought it was

I stumbled upon this and thought it was definitely worth sharing!! Take your BODY AGE TEST!!! Is your body age OLDER or YOUNGER than your birth age?!? This really helps us understand how the way we take care of our body effects longevity!
You know how many years ago you were born, but do you know your body’s age? According to health experts, we have two ages – a birth age and a biological age that’s affected by how we treat our bodies.
So what’s your body age? To find out, longevity researcher David Niven Miller devised this quiz. Answer the questions below, adding or subtracting the numbers after your answer from your actual age, then check to see how you did…
1 How many friends can you share problems with?
None (+1 year)
1-3 (-0.5)
4 or over (-1)
2 1 How many hugs or kisses do you get a week?
None (+1)
1-3 (-0.5)
4 or over (-1)
3 At what age do you expect to die?
Under 75 (+2)
76-90 (+1)
91-99 (+0)
Over 100 (-2)
4 Can you touch your toes with your legs straight?
Easily (-1)
If I push myself (+0)
Almost (+0.5)
Between 1-2 inches away (+1)
Nowhere near +2
5 What’s your body shape (honestly)
Obese (+3)
Clearly overweight (+2)
Up to 10lb overweight (+1)
Perfect for my height (-1.5)
Underweight (-1)
6 How big is your tummy?
It obscures everything below (+1)
Slightly rounded (+0.5)
Almost flat (+0)
Flat (-0.5)
7 How often do you get tired or get energy fluctuations?
Most days (+2)
Most days, only after lunch (+1.5)
Sometimes (+0.5)
Never (-1)
8 Are you a smoker?
No and never have been (-3)
I quit 5 or more years ago (-2)
I quit 3-5 years ago (-1)
I quit 1-3 years ago (+0)
I quit within the last year (+1)
I smoke (+3)
9 What’s the most you’ve drunk in one day in the last year?
3 drinks or less (+0)
4 drinks (+0.5)
5 drinks or less (+1.0)
More than 5 drinks (+1.5)
10 Do you have lots of fillings/do your gums bleed when you brush them?
Bleeding gums and/or 11 or more of my teeth are filled (+1.5)
4-10 teeth are filled (+1)
1-3 teeth are filled (+0.5)
No (+0)
11 Do you drink soft drinks/ready-made fruit juices?
Never (-1)
1-3 glasses a week (+0.5)
4-6 glasses a week (+1)
Over 7 (+2)
12 Do you rely on packets or tins for?
All meals (+3)
Most meals (+1)
Less than half of my meals (-1)
I never use processed food (-2)
13 0 How many times a week do you feel too full after eating?
Over 7 (+3)
3-6 (+2)
1-2 (+1)
Never (-1.5)
14 How many colds/flu have you had in the last year?
5 or more (+1.5)
3-4 (+1)
1-2 (-0.5)
None (-1)
15 Have you taken antibiotics in the past five years?
No (-2)
1-2 courses (+2)
3 or more courses (+5)
16 How many times a week do you walk briskly, or do other exercise, for 30+ minutes?
Never (+1)
1-2 (+0)
3-4 (-0.5)
5 or more (-1.5)
17 How many times do you “strength train” a week?
Never (+1)
1-2 (+0.5)
3-5 (-1.5)
6 or more
Check your score
It’s not too late to do something about it – studies show taking up exercise or changing your diet even in your 40s and 50s can still make a difference to your longevity. Any changes you can make will help lower your body age. “The biggest differences will come if you focus on your diet, stress levels and fitness,” says David Niven Miller.
Then chances are you’re feeling a bit miffed now. “Oddly this is the result that upsets people the most as everyone wants to be younger and you’re so close that you feel you’ve missed out,” says David. The good news is, you probably only need to change one habit to start the transition to a younger you. Have a look at which questions you scored worst on and make that where you focus your energies to start with.
Well done. “Either you consciously take good care of your body or you’re just one of those lucky people who naturally enjoys living a healthy life,” says David. Keep up what you’re doing, but still read our live-longer tips below – you might learn some new ways to boost your body’s longevity even further….


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