Well isn’t this interesting!?! Do you h

Well isn’t this interesting!?! Do you have a workout playlist? If not- you should really consider listening to some of your favorite jams while you move that body breaking a sweat!!!

4 Awesome Reasons to Work Out to Music:

1. You’ll Feel Happier – music activates the same reward or pleasure centers in the brain the respond to the good feelings associated with eating and sex!

2. You’ll Move Faster – the faster the beat, the more vigorously you work out. Other research has shown that exercisers who listened to music have more endurance and thus workout longer.

3. You’ll Get Smarter – in a study that looked at the combined effects of music and exercise on mental performance they found that they increased scores on a verbal fluency test.

4. You’ll Lose Belly Fat Faster – women who exercised to music lost as much as 8 pounds more than women who broke a sweat in silence.

What are some of your favorite songs to workout to? Please share!! http://ow.ly/i/3gVyK


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