Ice Cream vs. Sorbet- Which to Choose?


Want a treat? Try indulging in sorbet instead of ice cream, and you could save calories!

How many calories can I save?

According to Reader’s Digest, you could save up to 125 calories by choosing sorbet instead of full cream ice cream.

Fat and sugar content 

The Keeping Beautiful website says that sorbet has zero fat as opposed to ice-cream, which if made from full cream will contain more fat than a low fat version.

However, sorbet has a higher quantity of sugar than full fat ice cream.

Sorbet has more Vitamin C

It is interesting to note that sorbet is made with fruit and while it is high in vitamin C, sorbet may have less calcium, vitamin A as well as iron than ice cream.

So it seems that sorbet may be a better option than ice cream in terms of the fat content but be cautious as to how much you consume as it still has a high sugar content.

Source: Reader’s Digest, Keeping Beautiful


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