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Just because you are a busy mommy who is trying to be superwoman for everyone else but 

HERSELF does not mean that you need to NEGLECT YOURSELF!!!
When we have lots of things going on in our lives and lots of other people to take care of
it’s easy to put ourselves and our HEALTH AND FITNESS on the back burner! 
It doesn’t have to be that way though and SHOULDN’T!!
You can’t take care of anyone else until you take care of yourself!!!
Here are 3 tips that will help you manage everything else all while taking care of yourself too!
1.  Early Bird Gets the Workout!
First thing is not only the best time to get your workout in and jumpstart your metabolism, 
it’s also a great time to get your workout done in peace while everyone else is sleeping.  Waking up 30-45 minutes early and getting a run in or doing your home workout program
will give you lots of lasting energy to make it through your day and you will feel 
so much better knowing that you successfully completed your workout and it’s done-
no worrying about fitting it in all day or getting mad at yourself if you miss your workout.
2.  Home workouts!!
Getting to the gym is a process- especially if you are busy or a mommy!  Try a home workout!  There are so many effective home workouts that produce great results while being fun!  Visit my website to check out some of my favorites: or visit my shop!  
Squeezing in your workout or even getting your kids to workout with you is much easier if it’s done from home.  It is a great routine to establish with your children.  You are also modeling a great behavior for them and demonstrating how important it is to value your
health and fitness.  
3.  Be Consistent!
Establish your daily and weekly workout routine and STICK WITH IT.  Follow it to a T.  Many home workout programs come with a schedule for you to follow.  You can also add in your own exercises such as Monday:  Push up and crunches, etc.  
Sticking to that routine will help you form new GOOD HABITS!  
Consider joining a support group or challenge group.  
Working out at home is definitely more convenient, but the temptation to slack off from time to time is more present!  Joining a challenge group, support group or having a personal FREE fitness and health coach will keep you accountable for achieving your goals and keep you focused!  
Contact me if you are interested in having a FREE health and fitness coach– I am one  🙂

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