Tips on How to Instill Healthy Eating Habits in your Children
1.       Set structured meal times
2.       Tell your children their bodies are terrific and healthy.   Find their best features and flatter them.  Teach them to be strong within themselves.  Foster and grow positive self-esteem. 
3.       Teach your children that young bodies are constantly growing and developing and change is normal.  All bodies are different and those unique differences are what make people beautiful. 
4.       Use scales once a week at the most!
5.       Offer children various choices of CLEAN foods.  Give them the power to decide which healthy option they choose.  Limit the amount of junk food allowed within your house.
6.       Choose your battles.   Say yes occasionally to unhealthy treats.
7.       Place a healthy emphasis on physical activity.  Plan trips that include lots of walking or hiking.  Encourage outdoor, unstructured play!
8.      Take your kids to the grocery store with you!  They will learn by example.  Teach them about calories and fat.  Show them how to select the best fruits and veggies.  This knowledge will empower them in their future. 
9.       Set the example for them, each and every day be a positive model and a healthy, CLEAN eater who enjoys and participates in physical activity.

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