Soups to AVOID!! They taste so good, but are soo fatty!

Top 8 Fattiest Soups
You think—Hey it’s soup, can’t be that unhealthy…. GUESS AGAIN!
1.       New England Clam Chowder (200 calories, 10g fat!!)
2.       French Onion Soup w/ Cheese & Toasted bread topping (220 calories, 10 g fat!)
3.       Broccoli Cheddar Soup (250 calories and 16g fat)
4.       Cream of Potato Soup (190 calories, 9g fat)
5.       Chicken Tortilla Soup (160 calories, 10 g fat)
6.       Corn Chowder (260 calories, 14 g fat!!!)
7.       Cream of Tomato Soup (160 calories, 10g fat)
8.      Lobster Bisque (350 calories and 30g fat!!!!!!!!)
**FYI:  These stats are for a small 1-cup serving!!  
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