A Little Info about MUSCLE!
 Muscle- in the form of lean muscle mass, not big bulky muscle mass like bodybuilders have- speeds up the fat burning process exponentially!  One pound of muscle requires your body to burn up to 50 extra calories a day just to maintain that muscle.  So think what would happen if you add just a few pounds of toned muscle to your body over the course of a workout program.  It will take your body up to several hundred extra calories a day just to feed that muscle.  So, essentially you will be burning off an extra pound of fat every few weeks without doing a thing.  That’s not even including the weight you will be shedding from altering your diet and by eating clean and making healthier choices daily.  When you combine exercise with foods that promote lean muscle growth, you’ll be in the sweet spot.  You’ll change your body by stripping your fat and showing off your lean muscle !!
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