Add a Little SPICE to your Diet!!! 
If you love hot spicy food, you'll be glad to learn that eating spicy food can actually raise your 
metabolism and burn fat!!  Studies from 1986 unti now have shown that you may burn more
calories when you eat spicy foods such as chili, hot peppers, or mustard with a meal. 
The fat-burning effect can last up to a few hours after eating spicy food, meaning you may be
burning additional fat stores during this time.  A study in 2007 that was published in the
The Journal of Obesity found that participants in a double-blind weight loss trial who took
supplements containing spicy extracts lost more weight and had a great thermogenic effect
than those who took the placebos.  Spicy foods can stimulate body temperature and 
circulation, which can both induce sweating and raise metabolism. 
Another plus to eating spicy foods--- Eating spicy foods may naturally limit food intake. 
Eating spicy foods can increase your feeling of satiety and prevent you from overeating. 
The spicy food leaves a burning sensation in your mouth.  Many people wait until that "fire" in their
mouths is put out before eating anymore of the spicy food.  By that time the stomach
had a chance to communiate a feeling of fullness to the brain which decreases
huger signals. 
**People who should avoid spicy foods include people who suffer from chronic heartburn,
people who have ulcers, or other intestinal problems.  
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