Try the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse!

What are the Benefits? 

it rids your body of harmful toxins
it provides your body with nutrient dense calories
it decreases water retention and bloating
it helps with nutrient absorption and efficiency
it rehydrates your body
it helps you lose weight
it gives your metabolism a boost
it renews your energy
it gets your body regular

What Comes with the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse Kit?

9 packets of Shakeology- chocolate  (inquire about greenberry if interested)
1 Shakeology shaker cup
1 Informational brochure, learn all about Shakeology!
1 Shakeology recipe card. After the cleanse, you may want to try Shakeology in a tasty recipe!
Complete instructions, diet plan and FAQ for the 3 day cleanse. 
My email support! 
All for only $60!!!  

Want more info on the amazing Shakeology cleanse!?!  
 Email me @   



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