My Adventure Begins!!

So my desire to help others has always driven me in all the right directions and I truly believe that it’s that passion that has led me to where I am today.  I couldn’t be happier.  I’m getting married this July, have a 7 month old son, am graduating from grad school soon.  Things are all falling into place.  In the midst of all these huge transitions in my life though I have neglected something… something that I know should never be neglected- MY HEALTH!!!  This blog is going to be loaded with all my new health tips, recipes, and fitness programs I have tried and whether I like them or not.  I’m transforming my body as well as my lifestyle.  Having a little one I want to make sure I get all this stuff right now so that I can raise him in the healthiest environment possible.  The obesity statistics are scary but true, our nation needs help changing this trend.  I hope to inspire others through my own personal transformation. My family, my friends, all those people close to me I hope I can help them in some way improve some aspect of their health.  And all of you- I am here to help you even more!!! The more people I can help the stronger my impact will be.  This is my mission.
So get to know me!!  Read my blogs.  See if what I am doing is something that you to think will help improve your quality of life.
About me:
I am 25 years old, a mother of one, an owner of 2 dogs and a cat.  I am a speech therapist, a beachbody coach, and a co-owner of a plant nursery and landscaping and landscape design company.
Beachbody coaching is my newest endeavor and I can not even explain how excited I am about this!  I get to help others get into the best fitness of their lives.  When I decided I was going to do that for myself, my whole outlook on life changed and I hope that I can get people inspired to become the best versions of themselves.  I am personally OBSESSED with Turbofire….  It is the best workout program I have ever done.  That combined with my Shakeology have helped me get into the best shape of my life.
If you are interested in trying a beachbody program or trying another one of their excellent products- Shakeology, you can always check out my beachbody website:
I am going to strive to get people excited about helping themselves get healthier and more confident.  Not only does getting in shape benefit you, but it benefits all your loved ones.

I can be your new Beachbody coach!!! Message me @ for more information!  


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